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Put my girlfriend out of politics, Rickman on Sheilah’s death threats

Singer Derrick Ddungu aka Rickman Manrick has reacted to his girlfriend’s death threats that are going viral on different socials. A few hours ago, socialite Sheilah Gashumba revealed in a tweet that some people have been sending her death threats under her social media accounts in relation to politics.

Here is what she posted on her official Twitter account.

“I’m not into politics! For the past few days, people have been sending threats under my social media accounts in relation to politics! Today 4 Boda riders with passengers with helmets followed my car from my gig til jinja road until my driver made a diversion! Are you trying to kill me? All I do is mind my own business, work hard and enjoy my life!!! Threatening my life over scandals I don’t know is ridiculous!,” Sheila Gashumba tweeted.

Her baby boy singer Rickman Manrick also insisted in a tweet that his girlfriend is not affiliated to any political party nor into politics. He asked those that are putting her into this game to kindly stop it because she does her own thing on TV and host parties.

“My girlfriend is not affiliated with any political party or into politics. She does her own thing on tv n host parties do music pr n so on. Every day insults are hurled at her calling her so many things but she keeps doing her own thing. Please leave her out of politics. Thank you, Rickman Manrick tweeted.

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