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Producer Ian Pro evicted out of rental over arrears

Music producer Ian Pro a.k.a Ian Busungu, was left homeless after his landlord threw him out of his rental over accumulated rent arrears.

Based to the landlord’s lawyer, Producer Ian was asked to leave the premises for failing to pay rent that had piled up over a period of ten months.

He stressed that Producer Ian has defaulted upto Shs9m in arrears and they have been holding talks with the producer but it didn’t yield any fruit.

“We can understand that things are not easy, but he is not here in person to face us. We have been patient with him for 10 months now and he is not bringing the money,” the landlord’s lawyer said.

When contacted by Galaxy FM’s Florah Show through a phone call, Ian Pro did not deny the accusations.

He said he is aware of the debt and he will pay it when he returns from abroad.

“Sadly, the landlord called police and lawyers to evict me yet these terms were not stipulated when I was entering the house.”

“I don’t have any problem with the landlord because I know I am going to come back soon and pay the money. It’s good that they never destroyed the studio.”

“I entered that house during the lockdown, so it has not been easy,” he said.

Producer Ian Pro is known for producing songs like Romantic by Feffe Bussi, Anti KaleKwolwo and Koona by Spice Diana, among many others by up-and-rising artists.

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