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Prima Kardashi denies prostitution allegations in Malaysia and Thailand

Following the boiled exchange of words on Social Media between Prima Kardashi and Geosteady, the musician hinted that the mother to his two children practices prostitution in Malaysia, Thailand, and Dubai.

According to the Sembera hit maker, the bleached beauty queen is always on flight to those Arab countries to vend goodies.

Prima Kardash has, however, come out to explain she is not a sex business. She explained her cosmetic products are sold cheaply in Arab countries and that she is always on business trips. 

“Cosmetics and beauty products are sold cheaply in those Arab countries like Malaysia and Thailand. You get big profits back here in Uganda. I am always in those countries to get goods,” she defended herself.

The two former lovers have been spilling their top-kept secrets online to the excitement of their social media in-laws.

Geosteady decided to unearth their secrets as he revealed how Prima is a broke woman who just loves to show off that she has money yet she doesn’t.

Prima noted how the singer always fades when he is not with her and that he had not released a big song since they separated in 2019 until last year when he dropped ‘Sembera‘ in which he used her as a vixen.

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