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Prima Kadarshi reveals the reason why she left Mr. Henrie

For the past couple of weeks, singer Geosteady’s ex-lover Prima Kadarshi has been making news headlines following her untimely breakup with Galaxy FM’s radio presenter Mr. Henrie.

The reasons as to why the two decided to call off their relationship is basically known to themselves alone since both parties don’t love to share details of what happened.

While giving an update on how they came to meet, Prima disclosed that she met Mr. Henrie at a time when she was going though rough times in her life and needed someone to be there for her.

Prima Kadarshi explains that Mr. Henrie found her crying and showed her care and that’s how they ended up falling in love with him adding that she did not intend to hurt her baby daddy Geosteady with whom they had hustled since high school.

“I met Henrie in a dark time. He actually found me crying. He asked about what was bothering me and we talked about life. Unfortunately, it led to us dating,” she revealed.

As many were still wondering what could have sparked Prima and Mr. Henrie to call it quits, the former has noted that she took the decision to focus on herself and her future.

She denied allegations of being in bad terms with Mr. Henrie as rumors have has it for a while now.

Prima added that falling in love with Mr. Henrie was not a gesture of chasing clout but rather a place where she found comfort.

“I have now decided to focus on me. Mr Henrie and I are not in any fight or anything. I have decided to pause it to focus on me and my career and I want him to focus on his,” she further said.

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