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Philly Bongole’s family not happy with Eddy Kenzo

As several people are continuing to criticize Eddy Kenzo following his redo of Philly Bongole Lutaaya’s song Born in Africa, Lutaaya’s family has also came out against the Stamina hit maker.

Philly Bongole’s family has expressed disappointment with Eddy Kenzo following his demeaning statements against the legendary singer.

Kenzo recently said he is better than Philly, and that redoing the Born in Africa song was not to gain mileage but to give it a bigger reach and mileage.

His statements have drawn widespread criticism from artists, media personalities and Social Media inlaws. And now Philly’s family wants Kenzo to retract his declaration.

According to a family representative, Uncle Bean, Kenzo didn’t seek permission to re-do the song. He should humble himself and worship the late because he laid the foundation for him.

“As a family, we are not happy with Eddy Kenzo’s statements. Like any other person, he made a mistake but the problem is that he hasn’t come out to clear the air. We don’t need an apology but we want him to take back the words he said,” Uncle Bean, a representative of the family said.

Kenzo stated that the late Lutaaya has no song as big as any of his.

He stated that numbers don’t lie as he backed his argument by saying he has songs with hundreds of millions of views.

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