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Pastor Irene Manjeri: I’m still figuring out the right partner

Bethel Healing Center Church lead pastor, Nnalongo Irene Manjeri has opened up about her current love life saying she is not in a rush of finding a new love partner.

The mother of three spoke out about not being in a rush to find new lover following her break up with the father of her children last year.

She went on to note that she is still figuring out the right partner and does not want to seem like she is yearning so much to fall in love.

Manjeri also said that she is not hurting over being dumped bybher ex-lover.

She explains that she wants to keep her reputation as a Godly woman and respect her status in the house of God.

Pastor Irene Manjeri also explained how she is receiving numerous applications from different men on a daily basis.

She noted that she even blocks some from accessing her but they still somehow get her contact and call her often.

Manjeri stressed that she is moving on pretty well as a single mother and that life is good and that when she figures out a right and Godly partner, she will let the world know about the love of her.

She however noted that it won’t be this year’s target but one for the future.

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