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Pastor embarrasses man with dreadlocks, uses him as example of who ladies shouldn’t choose

A Nigerian man who goes by the Twitter handle @yoruba dev described his unpleasant experience in church after the pastor used him as a bad example.

The dreadlocked man went to church on Sunday. The pastor decided to employ some males to speak about relationship issues.

He was invited to the pulpit along with a few other young men, and the pastor gave a summary of the types of men he thought they were.

The preacher allegedly told the affected guy that although his appearance and clothing may make him appear nice from the outside, appearances can be deceiving.

“I enter church pastor use me do example of the kind of man you shouldn’t follow,” he wrote alongside a video of the encounter. This cannot be a lie.

He became so upset by people making fun of him on social media that he deactivated his Twitter account.

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