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Pallaso & Sqoop Larma to drop Byebyo Visuals

King of the East Pius Mayanja alias Pallaso is set to to drop visuals of Byebyo hit song featuring singer Sqoop Larma. Pallaso is Uganda’s favorite artiste at the moment with amazing love from all those that love music. The singer has surely worked so hard to reach where he is right now. However, many promoters have lashed out at him that he has set a very high price to book him up for concerts. Well, in an interview, Pallaso revealed that he is worth what he is asking for from various promoters because he has surely worked for Pallaso as a brand.

The Malamu singer has never ever looked back ever since he rocked the music scene. This has seen him out hit songs more so in the past two years. Hmm, away from that, the singer posted the update about the byebyo hit song on his official socials.

“The dance floor is my favorite part of the club. That’s why I am gonna set it on fire. I am dropping a banger tomorrow. The music video byebyo featuring Sqoop Larma is dropping tomorrow,” Pallaso posted on his official socials.

Briefly, who is Sqoop Larma?

Sqoop Larma  is a young & talented male artist born & raised in Uganda. The vocally gifted songbird is aswell a versatile artist majoring in Afrobeats, Zouk & Dancehall.

Once you listen to one of his songs, you’ll always yearn for more stuff created by him. You can follow him on all social media platforms as  SQOOP LARMA.

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