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Njagaliza – Gravity Omutujju Stings Spice Diana & Manager Roger

Uganda’s finest rapper Gravity Omutujju is set to release a new hit banger dubbed Njagaliza. However, in this new song, the singer hits hard on fellow singer Diana Namukwaya aka Spice Diana and her manager Roger.

According to Gravity, he reveals that Spice Diana and Manager Roger are not good people though they pretend in public to be good. He says that Spice and Roger are too selfish and greedy in that they never wish other Ugandan artists to be well.

“I am here today to represent a few artists who fear to come out publicly and speak the truth about the behavior of Spice and Roger. Those two are not good people because they are greedy and also never wish others well. Hmm, I have talked about all this in my new song Njagaliza which drops on Monday. They used to be my close friends until I realized that I was dealing with bad friends. Well, they live in pretense but the fact is they also know who they are,” Gravity Omutujju said.

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