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Nina Roz confirms reunion with Daddy Andre

Artist Rose Kakunda alias Nina Roz has confirmed her reunion with ex-lover Daddy Andre.

Nina hooked up with Daddy Andre weeks after his split with singer Angella Katatumba as she had gone to Andre’s studio for musical guidance.

Daddy Andre and Nina Roz’s marriage shocked many when their introduction photos surfaced online.

However, this was brought to the attention of several critics who prophesied that their marriage was to end in tears as they claimed that the two were not compatible.

Three months after their introduction, the critics’ prophesy come to pass as the celebrated couple was no more.

The two singers went bitter with each accusing the other of being insane. The couple made headlines for close to a month.

However, last month, reports indicated that Andre and Nina were an item again and were chewing each other like there is no tomorrow.

After Andre’s confession, Nina Roz also in an interview with a local radio station on Friday, confirmed that she is back with the ‘Tugende Mu Church’ singer.

She further revealed that they are doing their best to make sure the relationship works out this time around.

“I and Daddy Andre are still together. We are working on our relationship because at first we were friends and we still want to be together,” Nina Roz noted.

It remains to be seen whether the two will be able to make it work out this time around.

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