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Naira Ali’s Reply to Isma Olaxess after comments on her music

Singer Naira Ali has finally reacted to Isma Olaxess alias Jajja Iculi1’s insane comments that he made on her music career. The singer’s ice cold reply to Isma Olaxess has brought mixed reactions on different social media platforms.

“Isma Olaxess alias Jajja Iculi1…………
….. There’s an old adage that says; ” In a given colony, even a fool can have followers, who walk heads held high thinking they’re in the realms of the genius….” It’s absolutely a wince of disappointment to behold the foolery at hand.,” Naira Ali posted.

However, all this came up after the so called “President” of the bloggers Association Uganda Isma Olaxess made unnecessary comments on Naira Ali’s music career.

Isma revealed that Naira Ali is hustler when it comes to music and its the reason as to why she left Uganda for US. Additionally, he said that Naira Ali is compared to the likes of Fresh Kid and Felista De Superstar.

“Naira Ali is still an upcoming artist even after singing for all those years. I can therefore only compare her to the new talents in Felista and Fresh Kid,” Isam Olaxess said.

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