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Naira Ali Reveals Why Its Unhealthy To Stage Concerts on the same Date

Ugandan female music artist, songwriter and vocalist Nabattu Naira aka Naira Ali has outlined the main reasons why she thinks concerts should not be held on the same date. This follows after Swangz Avenue announced Juliana Kanyomozi’s concert dates which collide with B2C’s date that they had announced earlier.

According to Naira Ali, she reveals that its not fair at all to have different concerts on the same date however much audiences differ.

“For someone to argue that,” It’s ok to hold different concerts on the same date since audiences differ” to me is not fair. Additionally, especially in an era that sells perception rather than content”. My first show/unveil was staged on the same date as another bigger artist then, so I know the psychological and physical drain you have to go through on top of double efforts and budgets since you’re both advertising, promoting and creating momentum for the final day using the same “SPACE” and “MEDIUM”. Half the concerts in our country are not attended based on the artists catalog or content but rather the hype created around them. The one with bigger advertising gymnastics and budget overwhelms of course. I believe in future we can avoid this,” Naira Ali posted.

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