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Naira Ali reveals how she earns from Facebook

Now based in the United States, Ugandan singer Naira Ali says she earns a lot of money from the increased activity on her Facebook page.

Recent months have seen a rise in the number of times Naira Ali posts on her Facebook page which has over 346k followers.

Her increased activity has raised a few eyebrows with some critics noting that she is idle and has a lot of time to waste on social media.

Others have rebranded her as a blogger as she is never shy of airing her opinion on whatever happens in the entertainment industry on her page.

On Thursday, Naira Ali revealed that she is so active on social media recently because she earns money from it.

Sharing screenshots to prove her earnings from her Facebook page, the “Sikyalinda” singer urged her followers to learn how to monetize their pages and earn from them.

“If you have a reasonable following on Facebook and you’re not getting paid for your content and engagement then.”

Your page is not verified or monitized.

You probably didnt know that facebook pays.

You know that facebook pays but your account is not verified and hence you can’t monitize it.

You know and your account is verified and monitized but you have fake followers or your style of posting is vege or your content is off.

You simply don’t know what to do or how to do it.

She then asked the critics who have labeled her a blogger not to mistake their ignorance for knowledge.

“Then mwe abagamba mbu naira yafuka blogger, simanyi tava Ku Facebook, bla bla bla just mwogeza butamanya, you mistake your ignorance for knowledge,” she added.

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