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Muna is Pregnant – Derick Wa Radio reportedly balloons Muna

Popular Tik-Tok king Derick Wa Radio has reportedly ballooned Muna and according to reports, Muna is three months pregnant. Of course, its on record that these two have been chewing themselves tubeless left, right and center.

These two appeared in one of the videos that is making rounds on different social media platforms revealing that they will be having a baby this year. In the video Derrick says that the wait is over and therefore Muna should gift him a baby.

However, Muna fired back at him that she can’t give birth for Derrick while they are still renting. This shocked Derrick Wa Radio because he feels he has invested much in Muna and thus she should give him a baby or else they split.

“Hey bae, I can’t give birth when we are still renting. Let’s first work so hard, build our own home, then I will surely give birth for you. You know I love you so much therefore I am ready to do anything for you,” Muna said.


Well, guess what, social media in-laws supported derick and also wished them well in their next journey. Muna loves Derick Wa Radio left, right and center and she is willing to do anything to ensure that Derick loves her forever.

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