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Mpaka records CEO Ykee Benda celebrates 1M followers on Facebook

Mpaka records CEO Wycliff Tugume alias Ykee Benda, the boy first on every girl’s agenda has to hit one million Facebook followers. The former UMA president took the excitement to his official social media networks to share the joy together with his lovely fans.

Social media is one the most powerful means of running business in recent times. Being an artist, social media Facebook in particular has greatly helped him to grow his brand worldwide.

Ykee Benda is one the greatest male artists in the pearl of Africa. He has marketed the country through his music to the rest of the world the world. Additionally, Ykee also has groomed talents in Uganda for example, Dre Cali and others. Therefore this implies that he is not a selfish artist as we have seen many in the industry for the past years.

Hmm, well I am not praising him because I am a great fan of his music but because its the truth.

“We just made 1 Milli on Facebook, thank you my amazing fans. We growing bigger day by day. I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH, thank you FOREVER,” Ykee Benda posted.

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