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MC Richie’s Dubai Real Life Summer Festival Boat Cruise Ends in Tears

Richard Muhangi aka MC Richie‘s Dubai Real Life summer festival Boat cruise flops as the event organizer Jackie Jana leaves behind most of Richie’s visitors. According to MC Richie, he reveals that Jackie Jana’s organization was not up to the international standards as she had promised him earlier.

Additionally Richie says that Jackie decided to leave behind all real lifers after they had purchased tickets which cost USD $100 to cruise on the boat. Most of MC Richie’s visitors from the UK were all left behind something that didn’t make the black Dutch happy at all.

The Real Life summer festival boat cruise event organizer Jackie Jana however came out with an official apology for any inconveniences caused. However, MC Richie insists that she must do a refund to whoever didn’t step on the boat.

“I would like to offer my sincere apology to all the persons the boat left. This wasn’t my liking and I don’t do such things.

I am not here to blame any one but to let our customers know that it was suddening to know that the boat cruise started while some people were still out. Though we tried to wait for many of you but we couldn’t. This is because of the boat rules and timings.

Hopefully you bare with us and pardon us. We promise for not such a situation to happen again. We are sorry Again, Jicc services LLC,” Jackie Jana posted.

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