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MC Norman Ganja is ALIVE NOT DEAD

Ugandan Reggae Artist who is based in South Africa Ronald Mutebi alias MC Norman Ganja has rubbished reports alleging that he has passed away. According to a Facebook post, Norman revealed that someone announced him dead of which he very much ALIVE.

“Someone announced me shot dead but , I would like to denounce it by confirming that I’m not dead instead I’m breaking well by God’s grace . Save my friends and families from your ignorance and lack of information. Big up y’all mi friend dem,” MC Norman posted.

MC Norman (Ronald Mutebi), at the age of 12 started his music career in Afrigo band working with Joanita Kawalya and Peterson Mutebi back in 1987.

He later joined MM Disco Sound, Missouri Night Club and worked with guys like the late Ivan Matama, DJ Lubba Style and Rhino Kalemba before joining Jose Chameleone and DJ Bernazor as dancers and MCs for Missouri Club every Wednesday and Friday.

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MC Norman is widely acknowledged after working with Sam Amooti and Paddy at Jaaja Ansinansi and working at Vibration Disco Club alongside Junior Plies Compious, DJ Roberto, Papa Cidy, DJ Henry and Lota back in the days.

He joined his brother and former Bakayimbira Dramactors actor, Philip Ganja in South Africa in 1998 after briefly working at Vibes Sound.

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