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MC Kats in search of funders for his foundation

Media personality Edwin Katamba a.k.a MC Kats has come and ask whoever capable to come and sponsor his foundation.

MC Kats unveiled the MC Kats Foundation in a bid to empower young people living with HIV/AIDS. 

He revealed that the platform was established to elevate voices of the youth who have been made to feel less of humans through stigmatization, violence, and other kinds of torture mentally, emotionally, and physically due to their HIV status.

However, he came out and explain in an interview that he doesn’t have sponsors for his foundation to fully operate.

He went on to say that he needs support to empower young people living with HIV/AIDS as it’s main objective is.

“I don’t have sponsors for the foundation but I need them to come on board and join hands with me to fight the disease,” MC Kats said. 

The self-styled King of the Mic further revealed that he looking at making tours to Universities across the country, sensitizing the youth about the dangers of Aids and how they can keep themselves free of the deadly disease something that needs money.

The NBS After5 show host is one of the few people in Uganda who have spearheaded the battle against Aids and the stigmatization of people suffering from HIV/Aids after coming out and reveal his positive status to the public.

Kats publicly disclosed his HIV status in 2019 and have since helped to fight stigma and sensitize among the youth.

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