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MC Casmir reveals why he prefers Married women to Slay queens

NBS TV’s presenter MC Casmir has revealed why he prefers chewing married women to Kampala’s slay queens. The above MC was caught LIVE yesterday by police while chewing a married woman’s sumbie without fear or favor.

In the viral video, MC Casmir was seen shaking all over thus admitting that he had chewed the lady twice without C***ming. He immediately asked for forgiveness and also pleaded hard with the security not release the footage. However, little did he know that the entire nation was to know whether he plays it well or not.

This video really left slay queens around Kampala whispering to each other and questioning themselves why the handsome MC went for a married woman.

That aside, social media influencers and celebrities have come out to stand with the troubled MC Casmir.

Sheila Gashumba and Maurice Kirya have come to the defense of MC Casmir saying that the TV presenter was embarrassed for no reason.

“They embarrassed him on camera for cheating, did they have a search warrant? Did they ask for permission to film him? Shouldn’t the hotel have asked for a warrant? Didn’t the hotel breach the privacy and confidentiality terms? Are they ready to pay the damages they’ve caused?,” Maurice Kirya tweeted.

Sheilah Gashumba on the other hand said that it was unnecessary to embarrass him.

“Was it necessary for them to film him!! Isn’t that bullying and the married man also showed his ‘wife’ in the video!! Shame on whoever took the video,” Sheilah Tweeted.

Hmm, here is the big question, why did MC Casmir chase after a married woman?

Well, honestly speaking without being sentimental, as Sabula UG, we have no right response to this.

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