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Lydia Jazmine gifted a brand new Mercedes Benz on birthday

For some good weeks, there have been rumors revealing how singer Lydia Jazmine was stripped of the Mercedes Benz that was gifted to her by her manager, Ronnie Mulindwa during her birthday in 2021.

The rumors made rounds amid speculations that the two where on the verge of splitting as they were reportedly at loggerheads due to financial reasons.

Speaking in a recent interview, the “Masuuka” singer assured the public that she was to parade a brand new Mercedes Benz which is even more expensive than the one Ronnie Mulindwa had bought her.

As she celebrated her birthday last night, Lydia ‘Jazmine’ Nabawanuka shocked all those who had turned up for her celebrations by showing off her new ride that is valued at Ugx200m.

She received the ride amid wild cheers from her fans, friends and journalists who had a few questions for her that she answered.

Lydia could officially part ways with Mulindwa when their contract expires before the end of next month.

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