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‘Lets join hands to help Producer Didi’ – Eddie Kenzo

Celebrated artist Edrisa Musuuza alias Eddy Kenzo has called fellow artists to join hands and extend help to producer Didi.

Producer Didi is known mostly for the songs he produced for singer Eddy Kenzo including Stamina, Bolingo, Sitya Loss, Super Power, Mundeke Numbe among others.

The producer is currently grassing as he currently struggles to get what to eat and where to sleep.

His troubles started in 2014 when he produced “Panadol Wa Basajja” a song he was arrested for, on account it contained pornographic content.

A few weeks ago, he confessed he was homeless, he needed urgent help in terms of money and other basic needs.

Kenzo pledged to support the producer but he says he can’t help alone. He therefore called fellow artists to join hands with all other people who are willing to put a smile on his face again.

“I have helped him before in terms of money but I think I can’t do it alone. Didi needs all of us to join hands together and help him because I think his problem can’t be solved by money alone,” he said in an interview.

It’s alleged that the producer is struggling with depression and he abuse all tribes of alcohol and drugs.


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