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Khalifah AgaNaga trashes Kusasira’s crocodile tears

Bad Character CEO Khalifah AgaNaga has trashed Catherine Kusasira’s tearful interview claiming that it was such a shame to see her weeping on live camera.

Khalifah AgaNaga went on to say that during the lockdown, Kusasira was appointed as a presidential advisor and put on a monthly salary which she is able to use and clear her dues.

“During the lockdown, we all had debts and Catherine Kusasira was among the people who met the president directly and even got appointed as a presidential advisor. It’s shameful to see her cry like a child because of her bad decisions,” Khalifah said while appearing on Spark TV.

It should be noted that Kusasira wept like a baby while narrating her pain of being used and dumped after the 2021 general presidential elections.

While in an interview during Evening Cruise program on CBS FM 89.2, Kusasira said that ever since the presidential elections were concluded, she has been facing tough times as some of her property is being taken by moneylenders for failure to foot the debts that she got.

The ‘Enkola ya Taxi’ hit maker couldn’t withstand the pain and she eventually cried live on air.

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