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‘Katongole Omutongole was behind my sacking at Beat FM’ – Lady Titie

Prominent media personality Lady Titie has come out and accuse Katongole Omutongole of being the reason behind her sacking at Beat FM.

It should be noted that the two worked together at Beat FM where Katongole was acting as a Programmes Director.

 According to the veteran radio presenter who is currently working at CBS FM, she is till wondering how she lost her job from Beat FM even without notice.

Lady Titie claims her decision to dump the former Full Doze presenter might be the reason which Katongole capitalised on to influence her bosses to fire her from her job through a secret employees meeting which she was never informed of.

Meanwhile, Titie is grateful claiming that ‘The one who fires you, is the very one who gives you the opportunity to reach greater heights’ because she got a juicy and better job at the Bulange Mengo’s based CBS FM radio.

Katongole Omutongole and Lady Titie were in love for some time before their wedding in 2010 and together, they have three children.

Lady Titie has work on radio for over 15 years and he has been backing it up with music. She has released several hit songs including Nsonyiwa Faaza, Kambyerabire, Tebyansala among others.

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