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Kato Lubwama claims that Kenzo is talentless

Former Member Of Parliament Hon. Kato Lubwama has joined a list of music critics who think Kenzo is a joke as he labeled him as talentless.

Kenzo has been on the receiving end of abuses and mockery from Ugandans after claiming that he is better than the late Philly Bogole Lutaaya.

“He sings rubbish and should never at any time compare himself to Lutaaya, Sebaduuka, Jimmy Katumba, and anyone in that category because he has no talent,” he said.

Lubwama went to advise Kenzo never to redo people’s music because he adds nothing musically.

It should be noted that Eddy Kenzo bragged he redid Philly Lutaaya’s ‘Born In Africa’ with an aim of making it known in different parts of the country.

He went on to state that the late Lutaaya has no song as big as any of his before saying that numbers don’t lie as he backed his argument by saying he has songs with hundreds of millions of views.


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