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Kasuku apologizes over Mirundi’s controversial comments against Kabaka

Media personality Isaac Daniel Katende alias Kasuku Kuku Wazabanga has issued a statement apologizing to the public over issues concerning the Kabaka.

According to the apology, Kasuku did it on behalf of Tamale Mirundi after the veteran media personality made errant comments against the Kabaka of Buganda, Muwenda Mutebi.

During an interview, Mirundi appeared to insult Kabaka because of his unstable condition something that didn’t go well with many people.

After watching the interview, several people reacted by telling Kasuku that he would have done better by editing out the part that was insulting Kabaka.

Upon reading several comments from people, Kasuku believes Tamale’s views were uncalled for and regrets airing the discussion on his YouTube channel.

“Hello, this is Kasuku. To our viewers and the public at large, I have been approached by very many people concerning remarks made by Mr. Tamale Mirundi about the Kabaka of Buganda on my channel on our weekly programme “the Animal farm” which was aired on the 07th day of March 2023.”

“Views expressed by Mr. Tamale Mirundi are regrettable. I sincerely regret airing the segment on my channel. I promise I shall take steps to ensure that such does not happen again. Thank you,” Kasuku said in a video posted on his Social Media platforms.

It should be noted that a few years ago, opposition legislator, Paul Semakula Luttamaguzi vowed to beat Tamale Mirundi for insulting the Kabaka, Prime minister Charles Peter Mayiga, and other kingdom officials.

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