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Jose Chameleone attributes Kenzo’s success to respect

Legendary artist Dr. Jose Chameleone has come out and attribute Eddy Kenzo’s musical success to respect.

Kenzo grabbed headlines when he filled Kololo Independence Grounds to capacity at his Eddy Kenzo Festival that happened on Saturday November 12th.

According to Chameleone, the secret behind the Kaana Ka Mbaata’s success is his respect for what he is doing.

“Eddy Kenzo has become what he is right now because of the respect he has towards his job,” Chameleone said during the interview.

“Kenzo respects his job so much, I therefore encourage all other artists to also like and respect what they are doing.”

“How do you like your job? you like it by giving it enough time so that you give your clients the best,” he added.

It should be noted that Kenzo staged one of the most successful music festivals and he became the first Ugandan musician to hold a festival.

The festival attracted thousands of people, arguably making it the most attended event of the year 2022.

Meanwhile, Chameleone will also stage his concert ‘Ggwanga Mujje’ that will be held on 10th February 2023 at Lugogo Cricket Oval.

According to Chameleone, this will be a world-class experience for his fans who have supported him for 25 years of his music career.

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