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Is rapper Gravity Omutujju dating singer Kapa Cat? Whole truth

Nanti Ffe Tusabula Busabuzi, social media in-laws woke up to zero distance photos of rapper Gravity Omutujju and singer Kapa Cat. These started whispering to each other asking whether these two are chewing themselves left, right and center. Well According to Sabula Ug credible sources, we can confirm that these are not dating at all, however, they are working on a hit banger to be released soon.

Singer Tumusiime Catherine alias Kapa Cat is set to release a massive banger dubbed center with rapper gravity Omutujju. Both artists posted an alert about this incoming project on their official socials,

Rapper Gravity Omutujju used a hashtag center which confirmed the title of their next project. Tumusiime Catherine Known professionally as Kapa Cat, is a Ugandan Dance Hall Artist whose home town is Kampala. Born and raised in Kawanda. She first attracted attention with her first stage performance at the December 2018 Zina Beach Carnival for most awarded teens radio Galaxy fm. Became popular for performances before breaking through with my first single “Sikyo”.

Is rapper Gravity Omutujju dating singer Kapa Cat

From 2018 November to 2019 January, she was known as the most booked rookie entertainer artist without a hit song performing at the biggest events in Uganda. Am signed under TAF MUSIC UGANDA since July 2018 doing genres – Afro Pop, Dancehall & Reggae.

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