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Is MC Richie Chewing Derick Wa Radio’s Muna? Whole truth

Richard Muhangi aka MC Richie CEO of Real Life Family is trending all over social media after allegations that he is busy chewing Derick Wa Radio’s girlfriend Muna. This follows after the most traveled Ugandan MC Richie posted zero-distance pictures of him and Muna on his official socials. Therefore this called for maximum attention from some bloggers who are always ready to analyze things for social media in-laws.

A few hours ago, MC Richie posted the viral video making rounds on different socials and captioned it with the following statement.

“This is why people don’t take the struggle serious anymore but temuva kumulamwa,” MC Richie posted.

Hmm, below is what the blogger in the viral video said about the cheating allegations of Muna on Derick Wa Radio with Real Life Family CEO.

“MC was given a deal worth a lot of millions of money to just fall in love with Muna. I want to reveal to you why some people want Muna’s relationship with Derick to end in tears. These were requested to come out publically and declare that they are working for the government and also they were promised Jobs accompanied by fat salaries to work on Urban Tv and they deliberately refused.

Hmm, so they looked for an alternative in Phoebe who was recently given a job there. So when they refused to take up the job, they set up state operatives in the likes of MC Richie CEO of Real Life Family and as I speak right now, MC Richie is already in touch with Muna. Therefore I want to take this opportunity to warn Derick Wa Radio about MC Richie’s moves,” the blogger said.

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In conclusion, Richie is not chewing Muna. That’s all propaganda but Derick Wa Radio is in a peaceful relationship with Muna.

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