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I will return to Uganda & through Entebbe Airport – Kakwenza Rukirabashaija Roars

Novelist Kakwenza Rukirabashaija has roared that he will return to Uganda and through Entebbe airport. The troubled novelist fled the country yesterday. In his social media post, he revealed that he was poisoned. Additionally, he was also refused to travel with the intention of making his health situation irreversible

“After getting medical treatment that I’m entitled to, I’ll return to Uganda and through Entebbe Airport. Let the senile dictator, his inebriated curmudgeon son and all the caboodle of their chamchas know!

You poisoned me and refused me to travel with the intention of making my situation irreversible? You’re simpletons masquerading as though securing our future whereas not!

These NINCOMPOOPs suffer gonorrhoea and run abroad for medical attention but me, with huge health problems, they’re forcing me to check into their ramshackle deathtraps called hospitals. NONSENSE,” Kakwenza Rukirabashaija posted.

“Baby despot grabbed a phone quickly, called Paul Kagame of Rwanda just to ask him whether he had seen the long-legged verbal terrorist sauntering in the country of a thousand hills. How desperate this budding despot infected with inherited barbarism can be?

Father and his deputy plus their chamchas including Dr. Douglas Singiza–the magistrate–should be arrested and charged with attempted murder! You cannot inflict harrowing torture onto me in detention then send me to remand, then refuse to give me my passport to travel to Europe for treatment.

I can authoritatively tell you that after medical treatment I’ll return to Uganda and through Entebbe Airport,’ Kakwenza Rukirabashaija added.

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