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I Wasn’t Hurt By My Concert Flop – Crysto Panda

Upcoming musician Crysto Panda had earlier said he was depressed following his concert flop, but in a new interview, he retracts previous statements.

“I can tell you, I had about 200 people at the venue by 11 am. My concert didn’t flop because of people not turning up, the rain disorganized everything. I know people love me,” Crysto Panda explains in an interview.

On quitting social media for some time, he says he needed a break from people.

“If I was depressed I wouldn’t be working every day. I show up for my TV show daily. My head is high, and I will keep going,” Crysto Panda says.

The ‘Panda Turn Up’ was held at the Hockey Grounds Lugogo.

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