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‘I missed Sandra Teta’s sweet food’ – Weasel in jubilations as Sandra Teta returns

Artist Douglas Mayanja alias Weasel is in jubilations following the return of of his wife Sandra Teta.

Weasel claims that he missed Sandra Teta’s good food a few days after the Rwnadan socialite returned to his home to resume their relationship.

Having been away for several months, Sandra Teta returned to Weasel’s home a few days ago.

The two had misunderstandings in July 2022 after reports came out claiming that Weasel had severely beaten Teta

Despite returning to Uganda a couple of months ago, Teta had not fully returned to living with Weasel until a few days ago.

Weasel while speaking to the media confirmed the return of Sandra Teta to his home and expressed how much they have been missing each other.

“She never really left. She just had a small holiday but we have been missing each other and we are fine now,” Weasel said.

“She came back after all the words that have been said. My baby is back. I love you baby if you are watching this.”

“I missed her sweet food. The other thing, I am not able to speak on air.”https://youtu.be/G-Llk0SbKlE

He also noted that the plans for a traditional pre-wedding ceremony known as a Kukyala are underway and that plans are in high gear.

“The wedding has to happen. All those ceremonies must happen because I love my baby. We gave birth to two beautiful kids so we have to make it official,” he noted.

Weasel became the topic of discussion in last year when photos and videos of Sandra Teta beaten and bruised made their way online.

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