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I interrupted UMA e-Voting process – Sheebah Karungi

Former Team No Sleep singer Sheebah Karungi has continued to show how much she beefs Cindy Sanyu. She revealed that she engineered the cancellation of the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) Elections by mobilizing musicians to protest the whole voting process. Sheebah came out and revealed that she doesn’t support Cindy Sanyu for presidency because she distances herself from the artists. Therefore she believes its time for her to leave the post for competent leaders who will take Uganda’s music industry to a new level.

She [Sheebah] supports UMA presidential candidate Manisul Semanda aka King Saha who she believes can bring better leadership into the Association.

I participated in the cancellation. I was on phone coordinating with different stakeholders and I am grateful for the committee’s decision. Also, I don’t understand how King Saha’s supporters could not vote due to the network breakdown yet all Cindy’s votes were going through. That’s typical fraud,” Sheebah Karungi said.

Many artists, election candidates and other stakeholders in the association rejected the results and entire voting process that was put in place. This is because they felt the association rigged votes for incumbent Cindy Sanyu who they believe is incompetent.

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Meanwhile, Cindy Sanyu came out and hit hard on all her haters. “We need to stop making funny accusations. If anyone sees me stealing votes, let them take pictures videos, or even go live on Facebook,” she said.

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