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I have no time for UMA elections – Weasel

Ever since the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) polls got underway, singer Douglas Mayanja a.k.a Weasel Manizo had not uttered a word about the proceedings.

The matters have so far been marred with controversy including the theft of documents, postponement of the polling dates, and arrests of some contestants.

The latest development being that King Saha threatened to swear himself in as the new UMA president.

Some individuals even thought that Weasel was not part of the association till when he was asked to give a comment about the issues and to clear the air whether he is still a member in UMA.

The “Wiggle Wiggle” singer stressed that he has no time to waste on the UMA election issues because there is a lot of confusion in the association.

Weasel narrated how he loves his freedom and peace of mind and that he hates working under any sort of pressure.

He went on to note that he took the back seat to let those who can handle confusion to contest and he will wait to be led by whoever wins the polls.

“By the way, people who are close to me know that I hate issues that put me under pressure. Even if I was to be appointed as the Lord Mayor or given a post as a leader without contesting, I hate pressure.”

“I love living in my peace and freedom. So when I see things having a lot of confusion I just back off. I can’t waste my time in those UMA election issues which are not straight,” Weasel noted.

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