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“I have been dealing with a lot of anxiety” – Martha Mukisa

Rising star Martha Mukisa has opened up on how she has been battling with anxiety in past days.

The Black Magic Entertainment artist explained that the worry and fear that she was feeling knocked her off her feet as she missed out on a lot of things she usually does on a daily like gyming.

Martha Mukisa added that she was extremely moody trying and tried out different remedies to refresh her mind until she discovered that nothing was wrong with her but only anxiety.

“I have been dealing with a lot of anxiety and it put me off track for almost the whole week, missed gym, stressed out eating, extremely moody trying out different remedies to renew my mind.”

“This is what I got to learn about the anxiety feelings, it was me and my thoughts giving me bad vibes.”

“I didn’t want to use my phone I had basically lost all my self esteem so I prayed about it and I got no result immediately have been consistent on prayer and I should say I feel better.”

“I’m back in the gym with low energy but my key words are CLIMB and MAINTAIN PRAYERS and POSITIVITY.”

“Meanwhile, it’s a work in progress. It hasn’t been easy for me to post this video. To anyone dealing with anxiety you will be fine,” she said in a post on her Instagram account.

Mukisa noted that during that time, she didn’t want to even use her mobile phone and she had low self-esteem but prayed to God to overcome the situation.

It should be noted that she is preparing for her “Sisaaga EP” release.

Mukisa rose to fame after her hit song ‘Sango’ featured Eddy Kenzo the famous Ugandan musician.

She has released hit songs like Neteze featuring Eddy Yawe, Busy, Tebatukyawa, Sango featuring Eddy Kenzo among others.

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