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‘I didn’t attend Kenzo festival because I had to go and sleep’ – A Pass

Controversial artist Alexander Bagonza aka A Pass has come out and reveal that he did not attend Eddy Kenzo’s Festival because he was busy.

According to A Pass, he had better things to do like going to his bed and sleep something that left many people shocked.

Although musicians have been recently preaching Unity and One Love and have started to achieve this, it looks like this is a journey way too long for some Ugandan artistes to embed on as A Pass has proven.

“It is not a must that we have to attend everyone’s show, I did not attend Kenzo’s show because I had better things to do, I had to go and sleep,” A Pass said during an interview.

He further elaborated why most male musicians have been crying recently and he stated that some people don’t attend concerts because they have better things to do.

Gravity is not so bright that he started music, no he started singing because he was inspired by others. Musicians need to stop crying over small things, some of us have better things to do,” he added.

He continued that he is not friends with so many fellow musicians making it difficult for him to attend their shows.

Who is A Pass?

He was born in Uganda on 21 December 1989. A Pass states that his stage name comes from Alexander his last name and Pass from his picky nickname Percy.

The second born of seven siblings attended Kampala Kindergarten for his nursery school, Nakasero Primary School for his primary, Mary Land and St. Lawrence, Cream land for secondary school.

A Pass started music as any normal church goer he developed his talent more at school, he later went to studio in 2003 for his first studio session but he didn’t record the song he only managed to get an instrumental.

A Pass later on returned to studio after a few years when he met a friend called eddy who encouraged him to sing more professionally.

He formed a strong musical relationship with Dave Dash who by then was known as A Dash and the two did a couple of songs together.

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