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‘I am in the right place at Swangz Avenue’ – Nwagi

Winnie Nwagi has come out and cleared the air about the rumors that she is most likely to break off her long term connection with her managing team Swangz Avenue.

Nwagi said that the idea to quit Swangz Avenue was not new to her, however much it was not her own idea but an idea from friends who are close to her. 

She further said that for a long time now, her friends have been pressuring her to resort to the Sheebah way and go solo, managing her career on her own.

According to her friends, her career would do better off if she managed it herself and she would also earn more because with Swangz Avenue, she is only being used and cheated by the management, something that Nwagi does not agree with.

The Musawo singer mentioned that she could not leave Swangz Avenue because if she ever did, her brand would not survive on its own.

She continued that it is also hectic to have to carry the heavy burden of managing her own career, something she was far from ready to do.

Nwagi believes she needs to stick with Swangz Avenue because they are talented at what they do.

“If I decide to manage myself, you will hear after a few years that Winnie Nwagi is no more. Because some things you can’t handle alone.”

You need a team that is experienced. So for me, I feel I am glad I still have a team,” Nwagi said.

Nwagi mentioned that as long as she is not lacking in anything, she is able to cater for all her needs, take care of herself and send her daughter to school, she is not worried about anything so she will stick to Swangz Avenue because that is where she truly belongs.

“I don’t know what the future holds but for now, I feel I am in the right place as long as things are done the way I want them to be, I pay my bills, my daughter goes to school and I don’t lack,” She added.

Winnie Nwagi who joined Swangz Avenue in 2014 has been such a great success working with the industrial area based record label.

Over the years, Nwagi has several hits to her name from her breakthrough hit Katono Katono to other monster hits like Kano Koze, Embeera, Jangu, Matala, Kibulamu, Magic, Detergent.

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