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Henry Mwanje in verbal war with his former boss Geoffrey Lutaaya

The former Da Nu Eagles band singer Henry Mwanje has brutally responded to his boss Geoffrey Lutaaya after the latter came out and say that they left the group due to indiscipline.

During an interview, Lutaaya said that artists who left his group including Henry Mwanje are currently not doing well musically due to indiscipline.

However, this didn’t settle well with the Togumenya hit maker and he fired back to his former boss by disclosing the low pay during his time at Da Nu Eagles.

“I used to earn Shs50k per show regardless of the distance they would travel to perform,” Mwanje said before adding.

“I always wished to join a group of musicians that would at least aid me to earn Shs10k per show in the year 2014.”

“In 2015, I managed to join Da Nu Eagles and everything started off on a bright note as my wish of earning Shs10k per show was overachieved since my boss began by paying me Shs20K.”

“As years went by, his payment was increased from Shs 20K to Shs50k but this money wasn’t enough because we had become celebrities.”

Meanwhile, Mwanje asked his former boss Lutaaya to spread positivity because they can’t refuse to work for him if he calls.

Heney Mwanje is one of the artists who started Da Nu Eagles including Jovan Luzinda, Sasha Brighton, Bettinah Namukasa, Grace Khan among others.

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