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Hassan Ndugga commiserates with Alimpa’s mother

Kadongokamu artist Hassan Ndugga has come out and sympathize with Ronald Alimpa’s mother after insults from her son.

Alimpa is said to have hurled curses and insults at his mother while on his sickbed for trying to stop his friends from supplying him with toxic substances.

According to reports from different sources, Alimpa seriously abused and almost hit his mother in the hospital before stopping her from taking care of him anymore.

When the news reached Hassan Ndugga, what he had to say towards Ndugga was praying for him and sympathizing with his mother.

“I can’t say that Alimpa is mud, I can’t say that he is bewitched, or he is under drug abuse. I think that’s his nature and all I can do is to pray for him,” Ndugga said.

“Whenever you fail to find who you are, you die in pain. You have to know where you come from to give you a clear picture of where you are going.”

“Alimpa should always remember those who have been by his side during hard times and his mother is among them.” he added.

It is said that Alimpa’s close friends wanted to supply him with weed to smoke something that his mother had stopped him from accessing.

And as a result, he ended up chasing his mother away from hospital and remained with his wife and sister.

Additionally, Alimpa’s mother left the hospital in tears as she could not believe that her own son was the one who had turned into his own tormentor.


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