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Daxx Kartel Omuryeerubah and Gerald Kiweewa in an electrifying collaboration

Momo 19’s best friend singer Daxx Kartel Omuryeerubah has featured faded kadongo kamu singer Gerald Kiweewa in a new hit banger dubbed Guwooma Luno.

Producer Diggy Baur produced the Guno Guwooma hit song. With this tune, we believe it will revamp Daxx Kartel’s music. Its a few days to the full opening up of the economy, therefore, most of the artists are working down the sun to release songs for their amazing target audiences.

Hmm, the industry has been under suspension for close to two years after the outbreak of the coronavirus global pandemic. This means many artists have been struggling to release songs due to lack of enough funds.

Daxx Kartel is one of the few Ugandan artists who have that unique style of sound which makes him stand out. Kadongo Kamu singer Gerald Kiweewa has been off the music scene for a very long time. He [Kiweewa] has been criticized for pocketing the Gulu money that was supposed to go other musicians’ pockets.

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