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Gravity’s show was a loss – Bajjo

Despite a successful show at Lugogo Cricket Oval, events promoter Bajjo has controversially come out and say that the show was a loss.

According to Bajjo, the show was filled by people who didn’t pay any coin but were brought by the concert organiser Balaam.

“Gravity and Balaam should stop bragging around because they made losses from the ‘Tusimbudde Ani Alina Ennene’ concert.”

“Most of the revelers didn’t pay for the concert because most of them were jobless youths who were brought by Balaam to fill the venue.”

“That show was a loss because if it was a success, Balaam would have been posting it across all social media platforms.”

Bajjo went on to warn Gravity to stop calling himself number one artist in the country because he is not.

“Gravity should stop calling himself number one artist because he is not. Winnie Nwagi filled Cricket Oval to capacity but she never called herself number one.”

“Lutalo had a successful show at Africana but he is quiet, so Gravity should stop his nonsense of comparing himself to Chameleone,” he added.

This was the fourth time for Gravity to organize a concert at Lugogo Cricket Oval and according to Gravity he got over 30,000 people at his show.

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