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Gravity Omutujju apologizes to women fans for domestic violence comments

Hip-hop artiste Gravity Omutujju has bent down and apologized to his fans especially women for making inappropriate statements about domestic violence.

Few days ago in an interview with a local television, Gravity Omutujju was asked about what he thinks of his fellow musician Weasel beating up his wife.

Stubbornly, Gravity Omutuju said he supports Weasel beating his wife and he personally beats women and his wife too because it is fun when someone is doing it.

Women were not happy about it something that put Gravity Omutijju under pressure to come back to the media and take back his words and apologize too.

“I sincerely apologize for the statement I made about beating women. I am a very funny person and everything I said I was joking.”

” have never beaten my wife or any other women and I will do that. I ask for forgiveness to companies too,” Gravity Omutujju said.

It should be noted that netzens had promised to boycott Gravity’s upcoming concert.

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