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Gravity Omutujju apologizes to Bebe, Bobi and Chameleone

Following a backlash from fans and the media, artist Gravity Omutujju has come out and apologize to artists Bobi Wine, Bebe Cool and Jose Chameleone.

Gravity said that Bobi Wine, Chameleone, and Bebe Cool are no longer relevant in the industry and hence should step aside to let the younger artistes take the lead following his sold-out ‘Tusimbudde Ani Alina Ennene’ concert.

Gravity held a press conference on Thursday afternoon where he revealed how he has been maliciously attacked by people on social media about his comments made about the big three artistes.

“My comments were misinterpreted and now my children and wife are being insulted. I have three kids, they know nothing about this industry.”

“Neither does my wife, but people are attacking her because they did not understand what I said,” Gravity said.

“I do have pressure about my career that I have worked so hard to build for a long time and it could all go to waste because of what media has done,” he further said.

According to the ‘Enyama’ artist, his statements were changed by different online blogs to throw him into the lions den.


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