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Gravity claims to have more hit songs than Bebe Cool

It seems like singer Gereson Wabuyi alias Gravity Omutujju is not about to stop his beef against top artists in the country after his current attack against Big Size Bebe Cool.

The beef between the two started when Gravity Omutujju attacked Bebe Cool’s wife Zuena in one of his songs something that didn’t go well with the Gagamel Entertainment crew CEO.

Now, in the new twist of an attack, Gravity is downplaying Bebe Cool’s career saying he has more hit songs than him.

According to the Omwooto hit maker, he can beat Bebe Cool hands down in a face-off battle because he has more hit songs.

“I can defeat Bebe Cool in the battle of the champions by performing only on my hit songs,” Gravity Omutujju said.

Meanwhile, Bebe Cool is continuing to ignore the Embuzi hit maker’s claims despite all the trash-talking by him.

It should be noted that Bebe Cool previously questioned critics who want him to quit music whether they are in the position to look after his family and other people that he takes care of.

Bebe was responding to claims previously made by Gravity Omutujju calling out veteran musicians to retire from music to create room for rising artists.

He advised the Winner hit maker to produce good music and accord respect to individuals who are impactful to communities.

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