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Geosteady should wed me to be in a relationship with him – Prima Kardash


Artist George William Kigozi alias Geosteady and his baby mama Prima Kardash are continuing to grab headlines following a successful concert dubbed ‘Dine With Geosteady.’

As the netizens were happy thinking that the two were back together, the singer recently confirmed that he is not ready to marry her despite sharing two daughters.

Now, during the concert, Prima Kardash also confirmed that her relationship with the singer can only be sealed with a wedding.

She however stressed that their connection is basically business related and said that she is ready to support Geosteady in whatever way as long as it is money-related.

“Our romantic affair can only be confirmed with either a wedding ceremony or an introduction,” Prima said during an interview.

Prima went on to give Geosteady a go-ahead to date whoever he wants because he is free to do so.

“George can date whoever he wants, right now we are focused on business,” she added.

Prima Kardash also disclosed that she still talks with Mr. Henrie because they are partners in Prima tours and travel company.

It should be noted that Geosteady held his ‘Dine With Geosteady’ annual show successfully at Cubana in Munyonyo.

The event was attended by the singer’s friends, fans, fellow artists, and family.

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