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Frank Gashumba: I can’t accept Rickman to be Sheila’s husband

Faded self-styled motivational speaker Frank Gashumba has today bitterly exposed all the inner secrets of his daughter Sheila Carol Gashumba in a leaked viral audio making rounds on social media.

Like any other single parent who raised a child from dust to success, he claims to be totally disappointed that he no longer gains the desired respect as a living parent from his daughter.

Frank Gashumba pointed out a lot of insane stuff regarding his daughters discipline but for the purpose of this article, we shall only focus on the Rickman Manrick part.

According to the audio, Frank Gashumba revealed how he is not impressed by his daughter Sheila falling in love with Rickman.

Gashumba has warned Sheila never to bring broke men like the Rickman Manrick who can’t even afford a car for himself. Additionally, he pierced his nose and also, has long hair like for Joseph Rao Kony.

What next for Sheila and Rickman?

According to social media in-laws, they believe Sheila’s relationship with Rickman Manrick will end in premium tears. Additionally, they also believe that Sheila will not reply his father like she always done in the past to those that have infringed on her lifestyle.

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