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Fik Fameica unmoved about UK ban

Ever since Fik Fameica and Winnie had a scuffle with events promoter Mama Africa in the United Kingdom (UK) on allegations of refusing to perform at her concert, she threatened to report them to the immigration offices and have them banned.

Since then, word has been circulating disclosing how the two were issued a 10 year ban barring them from traveling to the Queen’s land although no formal document has yet been presented to confirm the reports.

While Fik Fameica was addressing journalists about his forthcoming concert, the Fresh Gang boss spoke about the allegations.

He noted that the rumors have not robbed him of his sleep and neither has he failed to eat because of them.

He maintained that he is not stressed at all about the ban that is always talked about.

Fameica said that if it is true that he was banned, he will remain in Uganda and perform at the various gigs for his local fans.

He also noted that there are very many other countries outside the United Kingdom where he is not banned and he will move on with life like that.

“I’m not stressed. I haven’t failed to get sleep or eat because of being banned from traveling to the UK.”

“If at all Mama Africa banned me and Winnie Nwagi for ten years, I will remain in Uganda and perform at different gigs in Uganda since I am always booked back here.”

“In fact, I will be traveling to other destinations where I have no ban.”

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