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Evelyn Namulondo responds to Dr. Gordon’s heartbreak claims

Actress Evelyn Namulondo has come out and respond to Jonathan Edwards Suubi alias Dr. Gordon Ssemagonja’s claims that she broke his heart.

This happened after Suubi came out and testify that his workmate actress Evelyn Namulondo broke his heart during an interview on Spark TV.

Suubi went on to explain that the two fell in love with each other and had a good time together but it all ended in tears when he was dumped by the beautiful Namulondo.

He went on to narrate that Namulondo left him reeling and patching a broken heart and he even had to take a break from relationships to focus on other important issues in life like setting up businesses and venturing into other developmental objectives.

However, when Namulondo was asked about why she broke up with Suubi, she denied the accusations by saying she was never in a relationship affair with him.

“I don’t know Dr. Gordon Ssemagonja when it comes to love matters. In fact, I was even shocked when I saw him on TV making such allegations.”

“Maybe he was paving a way or setting himself up for grabs because guys like him love to set themselves for sugar mummies.”

“Since he is an actor, he could have been joking because whatever he said, I don’t know about it. I don’t know him. I only know him just as my workmate and fellow actor,” Namulondo said.

Namulondo and Suubi are among the best actors in The Ebonies drama group.

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