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Desire Luzinda and Levixone Kwanjula rumors intensify

Desire Luzinda returned last week amid rumors that she is preparing a Kwanjula with fellow gospel musician Levixone.

Around 2017, renowned singer Desire Luzinda publicly revealed ditching secular music and giving her life to God.

She became Born Again and has since been singing gospel music on top of living a changed life while being exemplary to her fans.

She has also used every chance she gets to preach the gospel through her platforms and has dedicated her life to charity through the Desire Luzinda Foundation.

Rumor has always had it that her decision to turn her life around was greatly influenced by a close friend, Levixone.

The popular gospel singer and Luzinda have been quite close for a couple of years and reports now have it that they might be considering living the rest of their lives together as a couple.

Last week, the USA-based Luzinda returned to Uganda and she appeared together with Levixone at a friend’s wedding ceremony.

According to numerous reports, Luzinda and Levixone are planning a Kwanjula to make their affair official.

Reports indicates that the Kwanjula is slated for sometime this week and it is why Luzinda is in the country.

Neither the songstress nor Levixone have responded to the claims, however. We await to see how this unfolds further.

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