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Daniella apologizes to Bettinah Tianah

Daniella Atim Mayanja claims that she did not mean to offend Bettinah Tianah with her Instagram post about comments made about her skin color.

Daniella Atim Mayanja reacted to a comment made comments about Bettinah Tianah’s skin color on Thursday that displeased the city beautician.

Bettinah strongly expressed her disappointment in Daniella as she revealed her experiences with racism and how she expected Daniella to condemn such behavior.

“Nothing is funny here at all. I expected you to condemn such behavior, the fact that it humors you to the extent of posting for your followers to laugh baffles me,” Bettinah wrote before adding.

“Being black ain’t a crime,” she added.

Bettinah didn’t stop there as she took the battle to her Facebook page and she vowed never to bleach her skin for anything.

Bettinah said that people have to accept her the way she is.

Daniella apologizes

Meanwhile, Daniella while replying to one of Bettinah’s rants on IG, apologized for her statements but maintained that she was only “having a light moment.”

The USA-based Daniella emphasized that Bettinah is a beautiful woman and said that she too is a black woman and hence would never make colorism comments about her.

“Dear Bettina, I am sorry you feel insulted that I am having a light moment . You are definitely a beautiful woman and I was hoping you could loosen up a little and laugh at the comment directed at your original post like I did.”

“We can’t be serious all the time, can we? It’s ok to have a light moment and you too can have one. In any case I am a black Woman too and I love every black woman. Now let’s hawk that bizigo,” she noted.

Who is Bettinah Tianah

Bettinah Tianah who was born Betty Nassali on 10 November 1993 is a Ugandan television personality, actress, model, and fashionista.

She is known for hosting television programs like Youth Voice, Be My Date, and The Style Project. She also played a lead role (Rhona) in The Hostel television series.

At the age of 15, Tianah started working at NBS Television as the host of Youth Voice. She later hosted a matchmaking television show called Be My Date in 2015 on NTV Uganda, replacing Anita Fabiola, and has hosted a fashion show called The Style Project from 2017 to March 2022 when she resigned to concentrate on her own business BT Beauty Uganda. 

Tianah landed her first acting role as Rhona, a “bad girl” on the Ugandan television series The Hostel in its fourth and last season.

Tianah hosted the red carpet event at the UNAA Convention in Washington D.C., becoming the first Ugandan to host the event. 

She is also a model, having signed with Creative Industries Group in 2017. She held her first photoshoot in Paris.

Tianah holds a degree in journalism from Cavendish University. She had earlier enrolled for a degree in Human Resources Management at Makerere University Business School (MUBS), but dropped out to pursue a journalism career.

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