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Crysto Panda In Tears Again After Yet Another Flopped Concert

Musician and TV personality Crysto Panda is in tears again after he registered yet another flopped concert.

Panda registered a low turn-up at his “Panda Turn Up For Charity” on Saturday 6th May at Hotel Africana Parking.

However, he remained positive and he is hopeful the number of his fans will continue to grow every year.

The TV presenter who didn’t receive big numbers as expected for his show over the weekend at Hotel Africana said he hopes things will get better.

“I am happy because last time at Hockey Lugogo didn’t get numbers, the rain stopped the people from coming. I had few this time at Hot Africana but the numbers will keep growing for every show I organize,” Crysto Panda said.

He also thanked musicians who turned up to support him and claims that he will continue to stage concerts.


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